Thank You!

Repatriation Ceremonies at Bain Park, Trenton

Thank you for serving our Great Country during times of conflict and times of peace. Our Nation is in the BEST hands with our military protecting us. From our WW2 Veterans to our men and women currently serving today, I want to Thank You. To the families of these fine people...I Thank You for the sacrifice as- for all the holidays, birthdays, births, and many milestones in between; missed by your loved ones while serving his or her country. Without your undying support our military would not have the strength that it does.

Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial 


TRENTON – It promises to be an emotional tribute to the soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in Afghanistan. When the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial is officially unveiled Nov. 10, it’s expected more than 1,000 people will fill Bain Park and watch as the granite monument bearing the names of 158 Canadian soldiers is revealed.


The Highway of Heroes, from Trenton to Toronto.