Fall Maintenance Tips for “INSIDE” your House


By following a few good maintenance tips each season, you are protecting your Real Estate investment, stopping costly problems before they occur and keeping your home a safe and healthy place to live.


Furnace: Replace filters and clean furnace and ducting for excessive dust and dirt. During the winter months, change filters monthly. Check that all registers and radiators deliver heat. Oil furnaces should be serviced every year, while gas furnaces about every 2 years. Remove anything you have stored over the summer away from the furnace.


Baseboards:  Vacuum electric baseboard heaters to remove dust and any other foreign materials that have fallen in. Keep large furniture like sofa’s, dressers, bed’s away from baseboards to allow for adequate room temperature.


HRV: Heat Recovery Ventilator’s should have the filters and core cleaned. Also pour water down the condensate drain to test it.


Doors & Windows: Check weather stripping around doors and windows. Check for proper and secure closure. Replace any broken windows that have lost their seal. Add caulk where cracks in casement’s are visible.


Sump Pump: Check sump pump and line to ensure proper operation.


Well Water: Have well water tested for quality. Pick up your “sample” bottle from the Health Unit.


Dryer Vent: Ensure the dryer hose is connected to the dryer vent. Check dryer “lint” collector and keep clean.