Expect to pay approximately 1%-2% of Purchase Price for Closing Costs
(Payable at Lawyer's office on closing date)

Purchase Price                                                                          $                             

Less Down Payment                                                                    $                             
Equals Mortgage Amount                                                            $                             

(unless you add fees below &/or
 planned improvement costs)     
ADD Lawyers fee-approx. $600 + GST $42=                                                   $642.00
ADD Disbursements- searches, photocopying,                                                    $500.00
courier, etc
ADD Title Insurance (not mandatory)                                                               $200.00
ADD Land Transfer Tax                                                             $                             
($250,000 and less, purchase price x .01 less $275)
($250,000 or more:purchase price x .015 less $1,525)
ADD for Oil Tank or Propane fill up                                           $                             
(Not, if home heated gas or electric)
ADD CMHC Insurance + PST (8%)                                              $                             
(if less than 25% down, talk to your lender for details                         
ADD planned home improvement costs if to be done                      $                              
with a mortgage funds i.e. windows, floors
Subtract Deposit (this is the amount you gave at time                   $                              
of offer - held by the Listing Broker)

TOTAL CLOSING COSTS                                                          $